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Gloria is Caned – a fragment

Alice Dark – BentAlice
Gloria is Caned – a fragment
“I want you to bend over the chair and get a good grip on the seat.” Gloria’s eyes widened at her girlfriend’s demand. Over the last few days, Jennifer had threatened to spank her, if Gloria didn’t change her ways. … Continue reading

Still spanking, but I’ve been slacking
Yes, I still spank my girlfriend. And yes, that’s the lovely Sophia. I know that I haven’t been around much lately. Sorry about that. Things finally came to a head at my last job. I kicked ass. I walked out. … Continue reading

Lilah and Darlene are Spanked with a Slipper – a fragment
“Bend over, Lilah, and grip your ankles.” Darlene watched as the trembling young woman bent at the waist. She was a limber girl, and the blonde easily assumed the position, her long hair falling forward, like a waterfall to the … Continue reading

Lucinda’s Caning – a fragment
“Remove your blouse and skirt and hang them neatly in the closet.” Lucinda was terrified and blushing near to tears. Yet she moved shaking fingers to the buttons of her blouse. As the button popped free, Terri turned from her … Continue reading

Sorority Spanking Rules – a work in progress
Well, my dears, I’ve finally begun my next story, and it’s coming quite nicely. The story is set on a college campus – three sorority girls who’ve broken the rules and about to find out how seriously the sorority president … Continue reading

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Tina Gayle – Family Tree Series

Tina Gayle – Family Tree Series

Two exceptional women face violence, murder attempts, and old family mysteries while each finding the love of their lives.

Out of The Box Regifted

Out of The Box Regifted

Betrayal, Lies, Loss, Truth, Secrets…..
With a new beginning for Olivia and Ash on the horizon, what could possibly stop them from finding their happily ever after?